9) "Long story short, I was at fault"


So, about today? One of the BEST days of my life. Just got 2 minor payments for some minor work, spent time with some awesome people, made a random person's day. So all in all, the day went amazingly good and I am so proud of myself today. On the contrary, here's another one from the archives. Although, disclaimer, not as positive as my day though. Sorry?

"Long story short,
I was at fault.
He followed me throughout my way home.
He couldn't get his eyes off my body.

Long story short,
I was at fault.
I wore the same skirt that my dying mother gifted me on her death bed.
But she forgot where we live,
That my clothes determine my family's ethos.

Long story short,
I was at fault.
I yelled and I screamed for help as he stripped me off of my clothes, but that road was as empty as my soul would soon turn out to be.
Because I decided to work a little longer that evening so that I could gift my family the happiness from the money I earned.
But now as I lay on this hospital bed, waiting for Lady Death and I can't sleep because my dreams remind me of my mistake,
And my rapist returns to a normal life because of his father's money,
I think to myself, time and again, how the world would have been if I wasn't born at all.

Long story short,
I was at fault. "

- LoneAceWolf.