Eighth, "Schizophrenia"


Henlo everybody. Surprisingly not down anymore. I feel better. Still, couldn't write anything, so here's another one from the archives. This one is a personal (and someone else's) favorite. I believe it is one of the few times that I was really able to come up with something good. Also, try increasing the audience maybe? Share the website with your friends, please! 
*UPDATE* - Since we have completed one week together, fellow readers, from now, every Sunday, I shall talk and write about my favorite artist/movie/song (haven't quite decided what exactly, but I am hopeful to do it). Thanks again!

"He had given up; on his parents, his friends and even, himself. Now only Death could cure him. As he got ready to jump off, an unfamiliar voice said, "The view is quite beautiful today. Care to sit down for a drink?
Schizophrenia had just grabbed a soul from Death's clutches."

- LoneAceWolf.