Today, number 7, "Maa, your son is tired"


Henlo readers. Welcome back to the blog. Updates on my life: nothing interesting. The same old stuff. Didn't do anything productive today and now I'll regret it until I sleep and then wake up and repeat the same thing again. Anyway, go on with today's writing. Enjoy! 
P.S. - Posting this just in time before the new day!

"Promises were made,
and I said I'd take you far, far away,
to a land where it'd just be you and me.
Me and my dear Maa,
enjoying the solitude from the world.
What happened Maa? 
What changed?
What happened to the kid
who dreamt of the stars and the moon?
Now he sits under the same stars and moons
and cries himself to sleep.
What happened to the kid
who actually enjoyed studying?
Now he reads not to learn,
but just enough to pass the next exam.
What happened to the kid
whose smile brightened up the world?
Now he smiles
only to hide the fact that he wants to bawl his eyes out.
What happened to the kid
who lived in a fantasy world with fantasy creatures?
Now he lives in the reality
where his imagination feels murdered.
What happened Maa?
Does anyone ever know?
Or will this go on forever?
Where only his room's four walls will know, 
what he is really hiding behind that bright smile of his.
Where his only escape will be
listening to some beautiful melodies
but this time, he'll only enjoy the solitude
that he'll have with himself."

- LoneAceWolf.