The Lair of the LoneAceWolf.

I am a writer, editor and artist with an interest in the aesthetics and beauty of life. This website exists for the sole purpose of being a medium to share my passion with people who share my interests. I write about my love, simplicity and the grace and charm of this life. Thanks for giving me your time. Much love. 

So, about today? One of the BEST days of my life. Just got 2 minor payments for some minor work, spent time with some awesome people, made a random person's day. So all in all, the day went amazingly good and I am so proud of myself today. On the contrary, here's another one from the archives. Although, disclaimer, not...

Henlo everybody. Surprisingly not down anymore. I feel better. Still, couldn't write anything, so here's another one from the archives. This one is a personal (and someone else's) favorite. I believe it is one of the few times that I was really able to come up with something good. Also, try increasing the audience maybe? Share the website with...

Henlo readers. Welcome back to the blog. Updates on my life: nothing interesting. The same old stuff. Didn't do anything productive today and now I'll regret it until I sleep and then wake up and repeat the same thing again. Anyway, go on with today's writing. Enjoy!
P.S. - Posting this just in time before the new day!

About Moi.

I am a 19 year old wolf cub still trying to find a place in the world. My only wants are to create a name for myself and help people.

I won't say I am experienced, but I have had the certain environment and upbringing that has fueled my ability to make art (to be honest, I know what I make isn't really art, but even if it makes one person happy, I am good with it) and the want to help people (I am really bad at both but man, do I really want to). So that is the story of The Lair of the LoneAceWolf - one place for it all.

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